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Country Antique Dressers:

We love a good oak antique dresser. We always try to keep at least one or two in stock at all times. They are not only great looking focal points within an interior but they are extremely practical storage and display pieces - ideal for contemporary spaces. We prefer simple dresser bases but will never pass up on a good dresser with its original rack. Most of our antique dressers will be in oak, often with mahogany or walnut cross banding and we always look for examples with excellent shape and form, often displaying design features including cabriole legs and shaped friezes like those manufactured during the mid 18th century. These are particularly light and elegant and because of their lack of cupboards, they feel less "blocky" and intrusive in a room. Colour and original patination is incredibly important to us as well as authenticity - our stock will illustrate this. If we don't have what you are looking for please contact us if you would like us to look out for something for you. 

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