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Mike Wakelin and Helen Linfield have been in business as a partnership within the Antiques Trade since 1982. Both were in the trade (since 1968) prior to meeting each other and brought different complimentary disciplines to the partnership. The business has developed over the years to be recognised as one of the leading UK Antiques partnerships specialising in Antique furniture, Works of Art, Paintings, Early Metalware, Antique Glass, Antique Ceramics and in particular rare and sculptural Primitive Furniture and Folk Art.

They have been noted for their presence on the Antiques Fair circuit both nationally and internationally since the partnership began and are recognised for having a unique look, combining all styles and periods between the 16th and 21st centuries in a way that distinguishes them from more specialist dealers.

Wakelin and Linfield ship regularly all over the world and are very happy to provide clients with a range of quotes from our preferred Antique Exporters and will always endeavour to work with clients favourably on price.

As you browse through the site you will notice just how eclectic and versatile the stock is. You will find both English and Continental furniture including commodes, mirrors, bookcases, dining tables, chairs and a plethora of occasional furniture sitting alongside wonderful examples of country furniture again from all over Europe. There is a common theme of figurative timbers including ash, elm and fruitwoods as well as a keen focus on authenticity and rarity.

At home their true passions become evident. Since the beginning of their careers, they were both independently attracted to Primitive furniture and Folk Art.  They hold a fine collection of early Primitive Windsor Chairs – some of the very best in the UK.

Both Mike and Helen are members of the BADA and LAPADA, the most prestigious trade associations in the UK. Helen has been a dedicated director for LAPADA for 18 years and both have served and continue to serve as Vetters at some of the most important Antiques Fairs through the year. This is testament to their holistic knowledge and understanding of their chosen trade.

Clients can see stock by appointment near Petworth in West Sussex any time of the year. Stock can also be viewed at any of the Antique Fairs exhibited at each year. If you would like invitations to any of these events or would like to keep in touch with what Wakelin and Linfield are up to via regular newsletters, please go to the contact page and get in touch. 

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