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Oak and Country Antique Furniture:

We carry a large stock of Oak and Country antique furniture from the 16th to the 20th century. We specialise in large farmhouse tables, primitive Windsor stick back and comb back chairs, lambing chairs, cricket tables, chests of drawers, dressers and dresser bases, racks and a plethora of smaller items such as joint stools, dairy stools, corner cupboards, side tables and candle stands. As with all of our stock, each item is selected on its “above standard” appeal. We primarily look at the overall condition of each piece purchased to ensure that it is what it is supposed to be and has not been overly restored. We then consider colour and patination which is important when looking at any piece of antique furniture. Finally we look for examples which have just that extra bit of detail that define themselves from their lesser versions. This could be interesting turnings to stretchers, shaped and pierced friezes or aprons or maybe an interesting carved panel or motif. Our stock incorporates items from domestic origins as well as ecclesiastical, rural and industrial beginnings. With regard to some of our best Windsor chairs, some were forest chairs made for the fashionable gardens of important houses.

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