These Chinoiserie style prints were designed and manufactured by Sanderson using traditional wood blocks hand applied and hand finished on fine quality paper. 

The design, reg. no. 669877, was issued circa 1919. 
Ref. The Public Records Office 
Manufacture began from 1920 onwards. 
This design formed part of the Phoenix Bird Decoration and the Oriental Garden Decoration sets, as well as being marketed in its own right as the Kensington Decoration. 
A complete Phoenix Bird Decoration set is still in existence and can be found in the Victoria and Albert museum. 

After manufacture the panels were carefully rolled, individually wrapped in paper and stored until required. Now, three-quarters of a century later, a small quantity of this original stock has happily resurfaced, as if from out of a time capsule, in untouched and never unrolled condition. To our best knowledge the actual wood blocks used in the manufacture have long since disappeared and the individual skill of the craftsmen has, of course, long gone. What have remained are these superb examples of fine craftsmanship from a now by-gone era forming a unique and strictly limited special edition. 
These wood-block prints are available in six very individual colourways, each with it’s own character and feel, the background colours being yellow, green, blue, ivory, white (satin effect) and black (leather effect). 

Presentation: Originally these wood-block prints would have, in all likelihood, been trimmed and pasted directly onto walls as mural decorations. This type of irrevocable treatment of these rare and fabulous artworks would obviously not be appropriate today. Due to the rare and fragile nature of these wood-block prints, we have identified and taken into account three main criteria in displaying them. To present the artwork, maintain the original detail in its entirety and to preserve the print and its value as an investment, we have opted for a museum quality of presentation. 
To this end, each panel is individually framed. The original detail on the sides and bottom is left untrimmed and the wood-block print is laid in its frame without the use of any adhesives. The principle causes of discolouring (yellowing) and fading are acidity from the mounting board, air pollution and exposure to sunlight. In order to minimize these, the artwork is framed between a protective sandwich of a 10mm inert foam core barrier and a 3mm UV filtering and scratch resistant acrylic. 


England. C.1920

W96" x H72"

A set of 4 Early 20th Century Sanderson Wallpaper Screens - £3800

SKU: 0130

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