Although we are primarily purveyors of fine antique furniture and accessories for the home, we also advise our clients on the overall design of their interiors. With over 80 years combined experience, we are able to offer our expertise to cover many aspects of furnishing and decorating the home. We always try to get involved with the client and offer advice and make suggestions where appropriate. We feel very strongly that despite changing fashions, antiques are not only functional and decorative but very affordable, comparing favourably with expensive reproductions and modern counterparts.

We often have clients who have recently purchased a new home, have enlisted the services of an Interior designer but find it difficult to know how to select the type of furniture that would suit the period or style of their property and that they would find comfortable and practical in the given spaces. – This is where we come in. While colours, textures and final fixtures and fittings of a new home are hugely important it is the actual furniture which completes the picture. In the above pictures you can see that we have complimented the simplicity and airiness of this exceptionally large dining hall by placing in it a stunning walnut refectory table and long set of intricately carved Gothic revival chairs transforming it into a welcoming space for entertaining family and friends.

Antique furniture, if well selected for its function, aesthetic lines and suitability for the space will always work in any house, whatever the period or style. With this in mind, we are often used as a point of reference by interior designers and work on an international basis with them. Although there are exceptions to every rule, many decorators feel that they do not have the confidence to make a serious judgement when it comes to advising their clients on fine antiques and so when unsure, they often play safe and compromise by turning to reproduction and modern alternatives. It is therefore of paramount importance that we give our clients, whether they be interior designers or private individuals, the best advice and make educated suggestions to assist in finding the most suitable pieces for the job in hand. The search and find process can be hard work and time intensive, drawing on a multitude of relationships, places and events but the result is without doubt worth the effort.

Hopefully we can encourage buyers to admire and enjoy the pieces, at the same time being aware that they, through ownership, can become the custodian of part of our cultural history. Even the young don’t baulk at this especially when they are made aware that even one piece well placed in their home can have an effect on the value of their property. Although the finest items are beyond hype and fashion a well-furnished home will influence a buyer’s perception of what is a desirable lifestyle, thus adding real financial value to the property if and when they wish to sell.

We offer a consultancy service and work alongside, not in competition to, many interior designers. We must jointly steer our clients towards what is right for their homes, at the same time always having an eye out for new angles and different methods of display to help them make a decision.

We feel it is very important to show clients how a piece of antique furniture displayed in a different light can pull a whole interior together and to make them aware that because the past has always been a source of great value and inspiration to contemporary furniture designers and decorators, there will always be a place for the antique in every interior.

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