Creating a home to be proud of..... interior styling with Antiques

Often, while we are at the various fairs that we show at throughout the year, we are approached by clients - new and old - asking for our help in creating a home that feels comfortable but incorporates interesting, unique and exciting furniture and objects.

We advise them always to think about the practical use of space and to make the most of soft furnishing and colour to add warmth. A focal point in a room is essential - be it a fire surround or a stunning piece of antique furniture around which can be placed pieces of sculpture and art hung judiciously.

Contemporary pieces make a great statement when cleverly placed next, or near to a period piece of furniture which will exude historical intrigue. Shape, colour and texture are three of the most important elements to consider when creating a living space. These can be introduced discretely with the help of works of art, paintings and textiles.

Giving pieces the space they need is the key to clever furnishing and then adding balance to a room by placing art on the walls as well as a cleverly located mirror or two to add a feel of space and continuum. The choice of artworks gives one the opportunity to be individual and put your own stamp on an interior and this can be developed over time as your taste evolves.

A useful exercise when approaching a new project is to follow this 5-step plan:

1. Locate your statement piece being mindful of the space you have and ensuring that the piece has room to breath.
2. Choose soft furnishings to give a cosy feel to the room but also to help set a colour scheme or theme to the space.
3. Select a piece of artwork which fits your scheme and palette and enhances the piece of furniture below or opposite. This can be antique or contemporary as both work really well together.
4. Introduce a piece of sculpture or a small interesting piece of occasional furniture to add interest to the overall look.
5. Finally..... and very importantly, think about lighting. Maximise the use of daylight where possible. Use mirrors to help in dark areas, and cleverly located side lighting and narrow spots to accentuate the best features of your furniture and art.

If you would like any assistance in creating a new living space or sourcing items for your home, please give us a call or send an email. We love getting stuck into styling projects big and small. 

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