Antique Decorative and Painted Furniture

Many of our items fit into the Decorative slot simply because of our buying process in which we always look for the quirky and unusual. Old paint finishes and stylistic carved or inlaid designs are important to us. We carry a good selection of painted chairs, corner cupboards, console tables and trays and larger items such as bureau bookcases.

It is imperative to us that paint finishes have age. There has been a movement over the years towards overpainting or “antiquing” pieces of furniture to match current trends in the general furnishing market. This is absolutely fine if that is what is desired but we would prefer to offer items that retain the look that their maker had envisioned. It’s hard to see what would have been a figured rosewood centre table being sold painted grey and then scraped back in a veiled attempt to make it look old and distressed. We have a responsibility to offer our clients value for money when they invest in antiques and so we stick to our guns when it comes to authenticity.

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